Note Modules

Modules can be "grouped" in 3 categories. In first are modules which are dealing with MIDI Note messages: TR-1, MXN-8, GT-2, Chordion.
If you already bought LiveSet 1.0 you know what each module can do by itself. Now we will talk a little bit about using them together.
The primary use of them is to play synths in real time, using your MIDI-keyboard. This looks simple, but it can be expanded in many complex ways.

Using just one MXN-8 you can play up to 8 different Reason synths/samplers in the same time []. Of course, you can easy split your keyboard - so to play 4 devices with left hand... and other four with right [].
In this pretty simple setup you can easilly add one Chordion, to play the default (or custom) chords for you [].What about to make more devices to play the same chords? Then you just simply add a new MXN-8 module...and all can be set up []. For sure you can play different chords at the same time too - just add another Chordion...
Adding a few TR-1 can easy bring the possibility to "detune" some of the synths, while playing (of course, changing octaves can be done in real time) []. TR-1 can be used to trigger drum sounds from Reason's Redrum...but for this we will talk in another article.

One wonderful module is GT-2, with it you can feel comfortable while playing some difficult and fast riffs on your keyboard in live performance.
GT-2 limits and compresses not audio data (like compressors you use all the time) but velocity values, that comes from your MIDI keyboard. Using GT-2 compressor you will have no worries about velocity mistakes, that you can make - noone will hear them, GT-2 will "play" your synths in exactly wanted from you velocity. Sometimes if you are so excited from the gig, chords become difficult to play - you may touch a little bit unwanted keys... So, then GT-2 comes to serve you - use its gate function to cut unwanted velocities, so again this mistakes will be not heared. Avoiding mistakes, that's good. But what about not only preventing, but giving something? GT-2 can do this for you too.
Did you ever think of splitting your MIDI keyboard not only by key ranges...but split it in velocity value ranges too? Yes, this can be done, and even more easy than taking candy from a baby. But we will see this magic in some of the next articles.

Let the Force be with you... until I grab you next time, DrGOAź

About the samples

All the downloadable samples can be opened with both LiveSet Demo and Full version. A splash dialog will inform you what Bus/Channel module inputs are connected to. Check it out!

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