Electronic music is growing stronger and stronger each day. Sometimes it is combined with acoustic instruments, other times it is pure synths.
One man - one band - one LIVE gig.
There are a lot of musicians and DJs who make live performances. And all of them try to find the best ratio between already recorded song and some parts of it, which will be played live... Because all of us knows perfectly - in electronic music - there is no pure live act, like it is with rock bands for example.
And why it's so difficult? Because there is not enough hands to do all the job in real time. One man - one band - two hands.... How to play and tweak all synths and parameters in real time with only two hands?
Impossible. Until now!

Here comes the brand new app, which makes things a lot easier for all of us: LiveSet 1.0. Think you need more than two hands to play your songs live?
No problems - LiveSet gives you whatever "hands" you may need. Just put your hands on the MIDI-keyboard and MIDI-controller... and you will be able to play and tweak any aspect of your projects in real time. At last - LIVE gigs become really LIVE.
Let's see some basics usage of this little but powerful application.

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