Integration and features

You will need a Win2000 or WinXP for program to run. ASIO driver for your soundcard too (if it has not ASIO driver, written specially for this soundcard, you can use some generic ASIO drivers like ASIO4ALL).
LiveSet 1.0 is a ReWire host. You can use it with apps that can be ReWire slaves. Of course, you can use it with non-ReWire soft, and with hardware synths too. Using LiveSet with non-ReWire soft requires to install a Virtual MIDI driver (Maple MIDI Cable is a good one).
Interesting option is associating a Reason Song file with desired LiveSet file - so, when you open a LiveSet set - the associated Reason project is automaticaly loaded too.
LiveSet has 2 Transformation Busses, which means that you can use two MIDI ports for sending messages to it. And not only this, because these two MIDI-busses carry out messages without mess between them. Stability in Live performances is most important.
There are two modes of MIDI Through - Classic (which all of us already know) and Selective - very usefull if you want some of the messages to be processed by LiveSet and all others to go through it unprocessed.


These parts are the "brain" of LiveSet and its many "hands", that will make your live gig easy as morning teeth-brusning.
All modules have INs and OUTs. But these ports serve different functions sometimes. Let's take a little bit closer look at modules, and see what we can do with then in live gigs.

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