We will take a look at a very powerful group of modules dealing with controller (CC#) messages. Here they are: LFO, MXC-8, X-2.

A single MXC-8 can be used to control up to 8 different parameters in your synths with just one MIDI controller knob [mixer.zip]. As you see, this is pretty easy task now.
So, if you have only 8 controller knobs, and using just one MXC-8 for each of them - then you will be able to control 8x8 = 64 parameters in Reason. For sure, you can use more than one MXC-8 and expand the number of controlled parameters a lot more.

Adding X-2 to this setup makes fun a lot [mixer2.zip].
With its different curve types you can set up very interesting parameter changings, instead of just one-to-one copy of the knob movement. That start/end positions and values can be set too, so to make your control precise and powerfull.
You can use this setup for different Reason devices too [m-s.zip]. With one knob it's easy to control a Filter 1 Res parameters in as much as you want Subtractors. Using tweakable parameters of X-2 you can make so many interesting effects and sounds from your synths in real time.

Let's drive madness in the house. LFO module for some funny tweaks [m-s-l.zip]. Almost all of its parameters could be automated. Its Invert function acts similar to X-2, but here you don't need a knob - LFO does the job for you, synced or not.
What about if you want some really mad Fx, which are in full control of your on stage-madness-feel? Then just use the LFO's keyboard tracking. This tracks the velocity values of the trigger (the key of MIDI keyboard) and changes the LFO's rate, depending of setting you choose. More interesting stuffs are on the way but...

Let the Force be with you...untill I grab you next time, DrGOAź

About the samples

All the downloadable samples can be opened with both LiveSet Demo and Full version. A splash dialog will inform you what Bus/Channel module inputs are connected to. Check it out!

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